Hey, I am Lloyd!

I am a Product and Marketing pro.
My passion is working on interesting products, marketing and scaling them. 

Check out some of my projects below.

My Projects

These are personal, and company projects.

Find Tesla Cars on Sale

This site is in Beta. Tesla cars and trucks are amazing. They've changed the way we think about the combustible engine (or perhaps making us forget about it). I made a site to help those looking for new and used Tesla cars to quickly research and select the one they wish to purchase.

I developed the idea, created the AMP based HTML (used an editor), graphics etc. I partnered with API providers to get the feeds. Next, I created specs and had a coder flesh out the site. The site is optimized for SEO as well.

Christian Wallpaper (Extension)

This project is in progress. My mom asked me sometime back to show her Christian devotional sites. It inspired me to build a Chrome/Firefox browser extension that shows her a new Bible verse every day. It comes with search enabled by Google and shows her the local time and date.

I created the responsive HTML page. I hired a worker on Upwork to collect images from free sites and match bible verses to the images. Lastly, I hired a developer to finish coding it.

Email Marketing Platform (SaaS)

Sold. BigEngage is a SaaS email marketing product I built a few years ago. BigEngage enables bloggers and pod-casters to quickly collect leads on their site, manage them in a CRM, segment users and send targetted email series.

I created the specs and basic design elements. I worked with a 16 people team in India to develop the entire product. I worked with my CTO to manage the deeper technical portions. Because the team was remote, we heavily used Skype and Jira.

Influencer Marketing Platform

Closed. Influencers are a strong marketing channel. Their voice, pictures, and vidoes reach out to thousands of their followers. However, monetization on this channel is issue. Llovin brought together influencers and brands into 1 platform to enable faster product promotion engagements.

I created the specs and basic design elements. I also ran growth where I connected with over 10K influencers and onboarded 2K. I was heavily involved in onboarding process optimization and product usability.

The site was shut down in 2017.

Stock picks for Day Traders

Live. At one point in my life, I was heavily day trading. It was fun but I had a hard time finding low price stocks that were moving heavily. The web likes to discuss Apple, FB, and Tesla's of the world. But what about the companies worth .25, .50, 1 per share- how do you find them.

So, I created the specs for a Stock marker scrapper that would re-rank low cost stocks that had aggressive movement. The site was coded by a Upwork developer (love that platform). The site will refresh every 10 minutes to show the latest stocks it discovers. 

Facebook Ads Mkt Platfrom

Closed. Optilly is a company that graduated from Y Combinator in W12. It was a Facebook Ads partner and a desktop software monetization network. Using the platform customers were able to automate their media buys, create ads dynamically and reduce their CPA costs.

I worked with my co-founder to develop the product logic, specs, UI & craft the UX. I worked with development, graphics & QA teams in India. The product at one point had 24 million in ad spending!

Mentoring Activity

My way of giving back.


Since 2017, I've been mentoring students at my Alma Mater, SJSU


I've recently joined & have helped some folks get clarity on their MVP & biz model


I am helping with a batch of 20-30 entrepreneurs who are enrolled in YC's summer course

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